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1. Criteria, Consent & Contact

Qualifying Criteria & Consent

Is the business 3 years or older?
Do you have the necessary mandate to apply?

You need to have the appropriate mandate & accept our T&Cs

I agree to the Terms & Conditions
Have you been awarded a purchase order/contract?
Are there any past or pending legal actions and/or criminal charges against you or your companies?
Is the company under Business Rescue or intend entering Business Rescue proceedings in the next 6 months?

Without a satisfactory explanation & proof - we're unlikely able to assist you.

Contact Person

Consent & Certify

I certify that all information and representations are true and provide consent to Commercial Finance or its cessionary making enquiries about my/our/any related parties' credit record with any credit agency and other party to confirm the details of this application. I further consent to the provision of my personal information for this purpose. 

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4. Directors / Members / Shareholders / Owners

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Has any shareholder and/or director ever been declared insolvent?

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6. Upload Financial Docs

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7. Consent

The company gathers & processes your personal information for the express purpose of Asset Finance through Financial Institutions. 

Should your application be successful, we require your consent for the below:

1) Use your approval to source a vehicle/ asset, should you not buy on auction/ or with a dealer?
2) Use the information provided to offer you value added products (VAPS) for the asset purchased?
3) Use your information to notify you of upcoming auctions?
4) Use your information for future marketing: sourcing of assets and/ or future finance solutions?

8. Terms and Conditions

1) In terms of the POPI Act, we will verify & confirm your personal information as provided in the finance application and as required by legislation.
2) We process the personal information for asset finance & to conclude the transaction for purposes of providing a service as requested from us.
3) Once your application gets submitted to a credit provider, a credit check will be conducted by the provider.
4) The Financial Intelligence Centre Act of 2001, requires us to verify and disclose the information provided for the prevention and detection of fraud, money
laundering, criminal activity and the identification of proceeds of unlawful activities.
5) We process the personal information in terms of obligations imposed on us by applicable legislation: Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act of 2002;
Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013; Financial Intelligence Centre Act of 2001; the National Credit Act of 2005.
6) We will share your personal information and further processing will take place when the application gets submitted to a Credit Provider (Bank) or when a
value added product is selected. The product and service providers are bound by the same legal requirements as we are.

9. Applicant's declaration

I/ We hereby declare that all particulars are true and correct, and that no information was withheld or that any material facts were misrepresented. I/ We understand the declaration.

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